Burma Plate

Barren Island - ZP

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Volcano Data
Volcano Name:
Barren Island
Andaman Islands
Tectonic Plate:
Burma Plate
Type of Volcano:
Rock type of lava:
Between divergent and convergent plate boundaries
Date of Last Eruption:
Type of Last Eruption:

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Typical Eruption: (type your description below) – you may include an eruption map with citation (URL) Barren Island is a stratovolcano, the eruptions that are typical for strato-cones vary from gentle to explosive. Sometimes strato-cones will erupt gently, due to thin lava with less silica content. This eruption is mainly lava, which runs down the side of the volcano. Sometimes a strato-cone will erupt explosively, due to more viscous lava with more silica content.

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Hazards: (type your description below)
There really aren’t any hazards with Barren Island, due to the fact that it is in the middle of the Andaman Sea. If people lived on this island some of the hazards that they would encounter are: lava flowing down the side of the mountain, pieces of rock and tephra raining down after an explosive eruption, and the ash that is produced during an eruption.

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